kitesurf guesthouse kalpitiya



What’s included

  • Breakfast
  • Airconditioning
  • Kite equipment storage
  • Lagoon transfer
  • Swimming pool
  • Living room
  • WiFi
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Two single bed room
kitesurf guesthouse Kalpitiya

BedRock resort is an exclusive resort located in a quiet area with lookout over a beautiful lake.
You will find yourself at the Kappalady kitesurf lagoon within 300m also you will find some other facilities there, like a small shack that sells some drinks and small snacks and the “Kitehouse Cafe” opposite from the lagoon that sells delicious food and drinks.
We shuttle you to the lagoon 3 times a day (morning, noon and evening).
You fancy more to play in the waves? No problem we have the flatwater lagoon situated on one side of the beach strip and the sea on the other side of the strip. Kitesurf guesthouse Kalpitiya has something to offer for everyone’s needs!

BedRock’s nature

BedRock resort is located in a beautiful peace of nature, lookout over the lake while you are enjoying the most delicious food ever cooked for you.
Get taken away by the stunning scenery, beautiful sunsets and find yourself surrounded by nature. BedRock, your kitesurf guesthouse Kalpitiya is one of the highest standards you can find in Sri Lanka for very reasonable prices.
kitesurf guesthouse kalpitiyaGuesthouse sri lanka kalpitiya kappaladi

BedRock kitesurf guesthouse Kalpitiya
different options

Are you looking for some more privacy or exclusivity? No problem.
At BedRock you also have the possibility to rent the entire resort, 4 rooms and living room (8-10 people max). This is especially a good option when you are planning to come with a group of friends or a bigger family.
Prices for this option already start from $240,- per day, this is including breakfast. For full board prices start at $360,- per day.
When you are interested in this option or when you have any other questions concerning your booking, contact us directly for availability or other customer specific needs.