Kitesurf Sri Lanka
Why take your kitesurf lessons with us?

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  • 3 Languages

    We conduct your lessons in 🇬🇧 English, 🇩🇪 German and 🇳🇱 Dutch

  • 2018 equipment

    Let's kitesurf Sri Lanka and get your lessons with the latest high quality Cabrinha equipment

  • Radio coaching

    Communicate with your personal instructor through a 2-way open radio

  • Safety first

    We use floatation vests, helmets and a rescue boat on safaris

  • Certified Instructor

    All our instructors are certified

  • Beachboy Assistance

    Beachboys will help you with setting up, launching and landing your kite

Kiteschool The Spot

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taking your first kite steps with us

We believe that each and every student is unique. Our teaching method is based on this idea.
Each student needs to learn all the kitesurf steps from A to Z this is the same for everyone, just the way to get there might be different. So we look at our students individually and adapt our lessons to your needs.

Flatwater lagoon Kappaladi next to Kalpitiya

Kitesurf Sri Lanka with us! Our school is located on a flatwater lagoon. Flat and shallow water are the easiest conditions to learn kitesurfing, this makes you progress fast. That's why we guarantee you to get up on the board and ride your first meters within 5 hours. If for some reason we will not succeed doing this we give you a day of lessons for free.

kitesurf sri lanka
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your lessons are given with a "walkie-talkie"

We use a specially developed communication coaching system for our lessons. In this way you will be able to communicate in "realtime" with your personal instructor at any moment. Because of immediate feedback that you receive from your instructor you will feel safe and you are able to learn faster. Kitesurf Sri Lanka starts at "The Spot".

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