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BedRock Kitesurf resort

Planning on coming with a group? We got space for 8-10 people in our resort. Rent all rooms including all facilities and enjoy even sharper prices! Price $240,- incl. breakfast or $360,- full board per day.
We are located 300m away from the Kappalady lagoon and the only kitesurf house Sri Lanka that shuttles you 3 times a day directly from the resort to the lagoon.

What’s included

  • Breakfast

    Eggs, bread, fruit, coffee and a daily special

  • Airconditioning

    Every room has his own A/C

  • Storage

    Kitesurf equipment storage

  • Lagoon transfer

    Eggs, bread, fruit, coffee and a daily special

  • Swimming pool

    Every room has his own A/C

  • Living room

    A cosy livingroom for general use

  • WiFi

    Stay connected wherever you gon

Additional options

  • Full board

    Enjoying the taste of Sri Lanka? Book your stay including lunch and dinner. Stay here worry free and just enjoy your kite sessions, never get hungry!
    Price $15 per person per day

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