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Welcome to BedRock Kitesurf resort and Guesthouse
kitesurf accommodation kalpitiya sri lanka

Come and enjoy your kitesurf holiday at BedRock resort. We are located in a beautiful quiet area close to the Kappalady flatwater lagoon. And about 12 km from the Kalpitiya lagoon. We have different options and prices for you to choose from. The resort can accommodate between 8-10 people, this makes it perfect for groups and families. You can rent the whole resort for a very sharp price, find more information below.

Looking for a different kind of accommodation?
We work together with 2 different resorts. Both have their own unique style and price ranges. Both resorts come with a very tasty kitchen to make sure you will have enough energy to kitesurf all day! Tell us what you are looking for and we make sure you get what you want. For the best kitesurf accommodation Kalpitiya Sri Lanka you come to the Spot!